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American Association of Deaf-Blind (AADB)

The American Association of Deaf-Blind (AADB) is a nonprofit organization dedicated to advocating for and supporting individuals who are both deaf and blind in the United States. Established in 1977, the AADB aims to improve the quality of life for deaf-blind individuals by promoting their rights, accessibility, and opportunities for personal growth. The organization offers resources, information, and networking opportunities to its members and the wider community. Additionally, the AADB works closely with other organizations and government agencies to influence policy and legislation that affects the deaf-blind community.

The American Association of Deaf-Blind can provide valuable resources and guidance on best practices for communicating with deaf colleagues. By following the recommendations of the American Association of Deaf-Blind, you can ensure that your communication methods are accessible and inclusive. Additionally, the American Association of Deaf-Blind can connect you with experienced professionals who can offer further support and advice on effective communication strategies.

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