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Automatic Gain Control (AGC)

Automatic Gain Control (AGC) is a feature commonly found in electronic devices, such as audio and communication systems, that automatically adjusts the input signal’s amplitude or volume. The primary purpose of AGC is to maintain a consistent output level, despite variations in the input signal strength. This helps to prevent distortion, clipping, and noise in the output signal, ensuring optimal audio quality and intelligibility. AGC is particularly useful in situations where the input signal level may fluctuate, such as in radio communications or live audio recordings.

Automatic Gain Control can help adjust the volume of audio or video calls, ensuring that deaf colleagues using hearing aids can hear the conversation more clearly. Automatic Gain Control can also prevent sudden loud noises, which can be uncomfortable or even harmful for individuals with hearing impairments. By using Automatic Gain Control, communication with deaf colleagues can become more accessible and inclusive, fostering better collaboration and understanding.

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