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Behind The Ear (hearing aid) (BTE)

Behind The Ear (BTE) hearing aid is a type of hearing device designed to improve the hearing ability of individuals with hearing loss. It consists of a small case that rests behind the ear, housing the electronic components, and a clear tube that connects to an earmold or dome inside the ear canal. BTE hearing aids are suitable for people with mild to profound hearing loss and are known for their durability and ease of use. They are available in various sizes and styles, offering a range of features and technologies to cater to individual needs. Behind The Ear (hearing aid) can significantly improve a deaf colleague’s ability to understand spoken language, making conversations smoother and more efficient. By being aware of their Behind The Ear (hearing aid), you can ensure you are speaking clearly and facing them directly to facilitate better communication. Additionally, understanding the functionality of a Behind The Ear (hearing aid) can help you empathize with your deaf colleague’s communication needs and make necessary adjustments in your interactions.

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