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Binaural Contralateral Routing Of Signal (BICROS)

Binaural Contralateral Routing of Signal (CROS) is a hearing technology designed to assist individuals with single-sided deafness or significant hearing loss in one ear. It involves the use of a CROS hearing aid, which captures sound from the impaired ear and wirelessly transmits it to a hearing device in the better-hearing ear. This process allows the user to perceive sounds from both sides, improving their overall hearing experience and spatial awareness. Binaural CROS systems help to overcome the challenges of localization and speech understanding in noisy environments for those with unilateral hearing loss. Binaural Contralateral Routing Of Signal (BICROS) can enhance communication with deaf colleagues by providing a hearing solution for those with single-sided deafness. BICROS allows sound from the deaf side to be transmitted to the hearing ear, improving the ability to localize sounds and participate in conversations. By understanding and supporting the use of BICROS, you can create a more inclusive and accessible work environment for deaf colleagues.

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