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Computer Aided Notetaking (CAN)

Computer Aided Notetaking (CAN) is a method of capturing and organizing information during lectures, meetings, or presentations using specialized software or devices. This technology assists individuals, particularly those with hearing impairments or learning disabilities, in comprehending and retaining the presented material. CAN systems often include features such as real-time transcription, audio recording, and text formatting tools. By utilizing these tools, users can efficiently create, review, and edit their notes, enhancing their overall learning experience. Computer Aided Notetaking can provide real-time transcription of spoken language, making it easier for deaf colleagues to follow along in meetings and discussions. This technology can also help bridge communication gaps by allowing deaf individuals to read and respond to spoken information more efficiently. Additionally, Computer Aided Notetaking can be a valuable tool for creating accurate records of conversations and meetings, ensuring that deaf colleagues have equal access to important information.

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