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Direct Audio Input (DAI)

Direct Audio Input (DAI) is a feature found in certain hearing aids and assistive listening devices that allows for a direct connection between the audio source and the hearing aid. This connection bypasses the hearing aid’s microphone, providing clearer sound quality and reducing background noise. DAI is often used in conjunction with telecoil systems, FM systems, or other external audio sources such as smartphones, music players, and televisions. By utilizing Direct Audio Input, users can experience improved listening experiences in various environments, particularly in situations with high levels of ambient noise. Direct Audio Input can enhance communication with deaf colleagues by allowing them to connect their hearing aids or cochlear implants directly to audio sources, providing clearer sound quality. This technology minimizes background noise, making it easier for deaf individuals to understand speech and participate in conversations. Direct Audio Input can also be used in conjunction with assistive listening devices, such as FM systems, to further improve communication in challenging listening environments.

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