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Supported Disabilities

  • Physical/Ambulatory
  • Neurodiverse
  • Deaf & Hard of Hearing
  • Vision/Blind
Accessibility Score
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General Information
1200 Main St
Bethlehem , Pennsylvania 18018-6650

Disability Resource Office

Academic and Accessibility Support Center
1200 Main St
Bethlehem, 18018-6650
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About Moravian College

Moravian College, located in Bethlehem, Pennsylvania, is a prestigious private institution known for its commitment to providing a well-rounded education for its students. With a rich history spanning over two centuries, the college has established itself as a top choice for students seeking a transformative educational experience.

What sets Moravian College apart is its emphasis on nurturing students’ intellectual growth while fostering a strong sense of community. As a not-for-profit institution, the college’s primary focus is on the success and well-being of its students rather than profit-making. This dedication to their students’ welfare creates an intimate and supportive atmosphere, ensuring that every individual receives the attention and resources they need to thrive academically and personally.

The college is located in Bethlehem, a charming city in eastern Pennsylvania. Bethlehem is renowned for its historic significance and picturesque setting, providing an ideal backdrop for students seeking a blend of tradition and modernity. The city exudes a unique charm with its well-preserved colonial buildings and vibrant cultural scene. Students attending Moravian College are fortunate to be immersed in this dynamic environment, where they can explore the city’s rich heritage alongside their academic pursuits.

Moravian College offers a diverse range of undergraduate and graduate programs, catering to a wide range of interests and career aspirations. Students can choose from majors in the arts and sciences, business, education, health sciences, and more. Additionally, the college promotes interdisciplinary studies, encouraging students to explore various fields and gain a holistic understanding of their chosen disciplines.

At Moravian College, education extends beyond the classroom. The college places great emphasis on experiential learning, enabling students to apply their knowledge and skills in real-world contexts. Through internships, research opportunities, and community engagement, students gain invaluable practical experience, preparing them for successful careers and lives of purpose.

The accessibility score of 1 further reflects Moravian College’s commitment to inclusivity and creating an environment where all students can thrive. The college offers various support services, including disability support, counseling, and academic advising, ensuring that every student has the necessary resources to excel academically and personally.

One of the hallmarks of Moravian College is its passionate and dedicated faculty. Professors at the college are not only experts in their respective fields but also mentors and guides to their students. They foster an environment of intellectual curiosity and critical thinking, inspiring students to reach their full potential. The small student-to-faculty ratio allows for personalized attention and meaningful connections between faculty and students, creating a collaborative and engaging learning environment.

In conclusion, Moravian College in Bethlehem, Pennsylvania, stands as a prestigious private institution dedicated to providing a transformative educational experience. With its focus on intellectual growth, community engagement, and experiential learning, the college equips students with the skills and knowledge necessary for success in their chosen fields. Moreover, the unique blend of tradition and modernity offered by the surrounding Bethlehem area adds to the overall appeal of attending Moravian College.

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Disability Accommodations

Services Provided

      • Notetaking Assistance
      • Exam Accomodations
      • Alternate Learning Material Formats (e-text, large print, etc.)
      • Scribe Services
      • Qualified Readers
      • Assistive technologies (screen readers, voice input, etc.)
      • Qualified Sign Language Interpreters
      • Text-Based Accommodations (CART or C-Print)

      Services Provided

          • Degree Curriculum Substitutions
          • Priority Enrollment
          • Reduced courseload
          • Medical leave
          • Residence Hall Accommodations

          Campus Accessibility

          Accessible Level

              • Student Health Services
              • Mental Health Support Services
              • The library(ies)
              • Institution Online Platforms
              • Recreational and Athletic Facilities
              • Student Community Center and Other Common Gathering Areas
              • Primary Educational Facilities Used for Classes
              • Entertainment and Event Facilities
              • On-Campus Transit
              • Close Off-Campus Transit
              • Student Housing
              • Essential Administrative Offices (financial aid, registration, students services, career counseling, etc.)

              Services Provided

                  • Dietary Meal Plan Accommodations
                  • Service and Emotional Support Animals
                  • Study Abroad Program Accommodations
                  • Internship, Externship, Field Placement, or other For-Credit, Off-Campus Work Experience Accommodations