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Supported Disabilities

  • Physical/Ambulatory
  • Neurodiverse
  • Deaf & Hard of Hearing
  • Vision/Blind
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General Information
800 Chestnut St
San Francisco , California 94133-2299

Disability Resource Office

Accessibility Services
800 Chestnut St
San Francisco, CA 94133-2299
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About San Francisco Art Institute

The San Francisco Art Institute (SFAI) is a prestigious not-for-profit art institution located in the vibrant city of San Francisco, California. With its distinctive reputation and a history spanning over 150 years, SFAI has established itself as a leading institution for the study of contemporary art.

Situated in the heart of San Francisco, SFAI benefits immensely from its location in one of the world’s most renowned cultural and artistic hubs. The city’s diverse melting pot of people, cultures, ideas, and experiences provides an enriching backdrop for students pursuing a comprehensive education in art. San Francisco is widely recognized as a center for technological innovation, diversity, and artistic expression, making SFAI an ideal place for aspiring artists to grow, learn, and engage with a vibrant creative community.

Founded in 1871, SFAI holds the distinction of being one of the oldest art schools in the United States. Throughout its history, the institute has nurtured and produced countless influential artists who have made lasting contributions to the art world. Graduates of SFAI have achieved success and recognition in various art disciplines, including painting, sculpture, photography, film, video, new media, and more.

SFAI offers a rigorous and diverse curriculum that encourages students to explore and experiment with various artistic media and techniques. In addition to providing a solid foundation in traditional art practices, the institution places a strong emphasis on contemporary and interdisciplinary approaches to art. This broad-minded approach fosters critical thinking, innovation, and creative problem-solving skills, empowering students to push the boundaries of their own artistic practice.

The faculty at SFAI comprises established artists, scholars, and professionals who are deeply committed to both their own artistic practices and the development of emerging artists. Faculty members serve as mentors, offering guidance and imparting their expertise in various artistic disciplines. The small student-to-faculty ratio ensures personalized attention and fosters a supportive learning environment where students can thrive and develop their unique artistic voices.

In addition to its academic programs, SFAI also hosts an array of public lectures, exhibitions, and events that attract renowned artists, critics, and scholars from around the world. These events provide students with valuable opportunities to engage with and learn from influential figures in the art community, further enriching their education and expanding their networks.

SFAI’s campus itself is characterized by its stunning architecture and breathtaking views of the city. The institute occupies several historic buildings, including the iconic Main Building, which overlooks the Golden Gate Bridge and the San Francisco Bay. These spaces, combined with state-of-the-art facilities and studios, provide students with an inspiring and conducive environment to create and explore their artistic practices.

In conclusion, the San Francisco Art Institute stands as a renowned institution for the study and practice of contemporary art. Its long-standing history, commitment to innovation, and vibrant location in the culturally rich city of San Francisco make it an exciting and inspiring choice for aspiring artists seeking to develop their skills and make their mark in the art world.

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Disability Accommodations

Services Provided

      • Notetaking Assistance
      • Exam Accomodations
      • Alternate Learning Material Formats (e-text, large print, etc.)
      • Scribe Services
      • Qualified Readers
      • Assistive technologies (screen readers, voice input, etc.)
      • Qualified Sign Language Interpreters
      • Text-Based Accommodations (CART or C-Print)

      Services Provided

          • Degree Curriculum Substitutions
          • Priority Enrollment
          • Reduced courseload
          • Medical leave
          • Residence Hall Accommodations

          Campus Accessibility

          Accessible Level

              • Student Health Services
              • Mental Health Support Services
              • The library(ies)
              • Institution Online Platforms
              • Recreational and Athletic Facilities
              • Student Community Center and Other Common Gathering Areas
              • Primary Educational Facilities Used for Classes
              • Entertainment and Event Facilities
              • On-Campus Transit
              • Close Off-Campus Transit
              • Student Housing
              • Essential Administrative Offices (financial aid, registration, students services, career counseling, etc.)

              Services Provided

                  • Dietary Meal Plan Accommodations
                  • Service and Emotional Support Animals
                  • Study Abroad Program Accommodations
                  • Internship, Externship, Field Placement, or other For-Credit, Off-Campus Work Experience Accommodations