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Supported Disabilities

  • Physical/Ambulatory
  • Neurodiverse
  • Deaf & Hard of Hearing
  • Vision/Blind
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General Information
209 E 23rd St
New York , New York 10010

Disability Resource Office

Office of Disability Services
209 E 23rd St
New York, 10010
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About School of Visual Arts

The School of Visual Arts (SVA) is a prestigious and renowned educational institution located in the vibrant and artistic city of New York, New York. Established in 1947, SVA is a private for-profit university that focuses primarily on visual arts disciplines. With a dedicated commitment to nurturing creativity and fostering innovation, it has become one of the leading institutions in the field of visual arts in the United States.

Situated in the heart of Manhattan, SVA benefits from its prime location surrounded by an abundance of cultural landmarks, renowned art galleries, museums, and the bustling urban atmosphere that only New York City can offer. This remarkable setting not only provides students with endless opportunities for inspiration, but it also allows them to engage with the vibrant art scene that influences and shapes the city.

SVA offers a wide range of undergraduate and graduate programs, enabling students to explore various facets of visual arts and design. With a strong emphasis on hands-on learning and interdisciplinary collaboration, students are encouraged to experiment, push boundaries, and develop their unique artistic voices. Whether students are pursuing painting, illustration, photography, sculpture, animation, graphic design, film, or any other creative field, SVA provides the necessary tools, resources, and guidance to help them thrive.

At SVA, faculty members go beyond being educators; they are accomplished professionals and industry leaders who bring their expertise and insights into the classroom. With small class sizes, students benefit from personalized attention and mentorship from faculty members who understand the challenges and demands of the art world.

In line with its commitment to accessibility, SVA strives to make education affordable and attainable. While it is a private for-profit institution, it offers financial aid opportunities, scholarships, and grants to eligible students, easing the financial burden and ensuring that talented individuals can pursue their artistic dreams without unnecessary barriers.

Moreover, SVA facilitates an inclusive and supportive campus environment, where students are encouraged to express themselves freely and embrace diversity. This fosters a sense of community and collaboration among students coming from all walks of life, creating an enriching and dynamic atmosphere within the university.

The School of Visual Arts also places a strong emphasis on nurturing connections between its students and the industry professionals through various networking events, internships, and job placement services. This ensures graduates are well-prepared to enter the competitive art and design fields, armed with the skills, knowledge, and professional connections necessary for success.

In conclusion, the School of Visual Arts (SVA) stands as a premier institution for those passionate about visual arts and design. Its prime location in New York City, excellent faculty, diverse programs, and commitment to accessibility make it a highly sought-after educational destination for aspiring artists and designers from around the globe. With a focus on nurturing individual creativity, fostering innovation, and preparing students for careers in the creative industries, SVA continues to thrive as a cornerstone of the art world.

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Disability Accommodations

Services Provided

      • Notetaking Assistance
      • Exam Accomodations
      • Alternate Learning Material Formats (e-text, large print, etc.)
      • Scribe Services
      • Qualified Readers
      • Assistive technologies (screen readers, voice input, etc.)
      • Qualified Sign Language Interpreters
      • Text-Based Accommodations (CART or C-Print)

      Services Provided

          • Degree Curriculum Substitutions
          • Priority Enrollment
          • Reduced courseload
          • Medical leave
          • Residence Hall Accommodations

          Campus Accessibility

          Accessible Level

              • Student Health Services
              • Mental Health Support Services
              • The library(ies)
              • Institution Online Platforms
              • Recreational and Athletic Facilities
              • Student Community Center and Other Common Gathering Areas
              • Primary Educational Facilities Used for Classes
              • Entertainment and Event Facilities
              • On-Campus Transit
              • Close Off-Campus Transit
              • Student Housing
              • Essential Administrative Offices (financial aid, registration, students services, career counseling, etc.)

              Services Provided

                  • Dietary Meal Plan Accommodations
                  • Service and Emotional Support Animals
                  • Study Abroad Program Accommodations
                  • Internship, Externship, Field Placement, or other For-Credit, Off-Campus Work Experience Accommodations