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Supported Disabilities

  • Physical/Ambulatory
  • Neurodiverse
  • Deaf & Hard of Hearing
  • Vision/Blind
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General Information
667 Eastern Pky
Brooklyn , New York 11213

Disability Resource Office

Academic Dean
667 Eastern Parkway
Brooklyn, NY 11213
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About Talmudical Seminary Oholei Torah

Talmudical Seminary Oholei Torah, located in Brooklyn, New York, is a not-for-profit private university that offers a unique educational experience focused on traditional Jewish values and studies. With a rich history and commitment to academic excellence, this institution has established itself as a prominent center for Jewish education.

As one of the foremost Jewish seminaries in the United States, Talmudical Seminary Oholei Torah has been providing a comprehensive education for over 60 years. Its aim is to foster a deep understanding of Jewish law, philosophy, and tradition, preparing students for a future as knowledgeable leaders within their communities. The university offers a rigorous four-year program to both undergraduate and graduate students, providing them with a strong foundation in Jewish studies.

Situated in the heart of Brooklyn, Talmudical Seminary Oholei Torah benefits from being part of a vibrant and diverse community. Brooklyn is renowned for its large Jewish population, making it an ideal location for a university that focuses on Jewish education. The surrounding area offers numerous synagogues, kosher restaurants, and other Jewish institutions, allowing students to immerse themselves fully in their faith and culture.

The campus itself provides a conducive environment for academic and spiritual growth. The university’s facilities include state-of-the-art classrooms, prayer spaces, libraries, and a beit midrash, where students can study and engage in scholarly discussions. The dedicated faculty members are highly experienced and renowned within their respective fields, ensuring a high-quality education and mentorship for all students.

In addition to the core Jewish studies, Talmudical Seminary Oholei Torah offers a comprehensive range of academic disciplines, allowing students to explore various areas of interest. Courses in subjects such as literature, history, psychology, and mathematics are offered to provide a well-rounded education, complementing the religious studies.

As a not-for-profit institution, Talmudical Seminary Oholei Torah strives to make education affordable and accessible to all. Scholarships and financial aid options are available to eligible students, ensuring that financial constraints do not hinder their pursuit of knowledge and personal growth. The university’s commitment to inclusivity and diversity is evident in its student body, comprised of individuals from various backgrounds and walks of life.

Beyond the academic sphere, Talmudical Seminary Oholei Torah encourages students to engage in community service and outreach programs. Through these initiatives, students can apply their knowledge and make a positive impact on society. The university also organizes cultural events, seminars, and conferences, inviting scholars and leaders to share their insights and experiences, further enriching the academic environment.

Talmudical Seminary Oholei Torah stands as a testament to the enduring values and traditions of Judaism. With its distinguished faculty, comprehensive curriculum, and commitment to providing a holistic education, it continues to shape the minds and character of future generations of Jewish leaders. The university’s location in Brooklyn enhances the educational experience, allowing students to be immersed in an environment that embraces Jewish heritage and fosters personal growth.

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Disability Accommodations

Services Provided

      • Notetaking Assistance
      • Exam Accomodations
      • Alternate Learning Material Formats (e-text, large print, etc.)
      • Scribe Services
      • Qualified Readers
      • Assistive technologies (screen readers, voice input, etc.)
      • Qualified Sign Language Interpreters
      • Text-Based Accommodations (CART or C-Print)

      Services Provided

          • Degree Curriculum Substitutions
          • Priority Enrollment
          • Reduced courseload
          • Medical leave
          • Residence Hall Accommodations

          Campus Accessibility

          Accessible Level

              • Student Health Services
              • Mental Health Support Services
              • The library(ies)
              • Institution Online Platforms
              • Recreational and Athletic Facilities
              • Student Community Center and Other Common Gathering Areas
              • Primary Educational Facilities Used for Classes
              • Entertainment and Event Facilities
              • On-Campus Transit
              • Close Off-Campus Transit
              • Student Housing
              • Essential Administrative Offices (financial aid, registration, students services, career counseling, etc.)

              Services Provided

                  • Dietary Meal Plan Accommodations
                  • Service and Emotional Support Animals
                  • Study Abroad Program Accommodations
                  • Internship, Externship, Field Placement, or other For-Credit, Off-Campus Work Experience Accommodations