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Supported Disabilities

  • Physical/Ambulatory
  • Neurodiverse
  • Deaf & Hard of Hearing
  • Vision/Blind
Accessibility Score
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General Information
2304 Cadet Drive, Suite 3800
USAF Academy , Colorado 80840-5002

Disability Resource Office

2304 Cadet Drive, Suite 3100
USAF Academy, CO 80840-5002
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About United States Air Force Academy

The United States Air Force Academy, located in Colorado, is an esteemed institution dedicated to cultivating exceptional leaders for the United States Air Force. As a public university, it offers a comprehensive four-year program that not only focuses on academic excellence but also emphasizes character development, leadership skills, and physical fitness.

Nestled amidst the breathtaking backdrop of the Rocky Mountains, the Air Force Academy ensures an inspiring and picturesque environment for its cadets. The sprawling campus spans over 18,000 acres and serves as a testament to the beauty and grandeur of its surroundings. From the moment students step foot on campus, they are greeted with stunning vistas, fresh mountain air, and a sense of purpose that permeates every aspect of their education.

One significant aspect that distinguishes the United States Air Force Academy is its rigorous admission process. With an accessibility score of 1, the institution upholds strict standards to ensure that only the nation’s most promising candidates are admitted. Prospective cadets must not only possess exceptional academic achievements but also undergo a thorough evaluation of their physical fitness, leadership potential, and character attributes. This meticulous selection process ensures that those accepted into the academy display the determination, discipline, and commitment necessary to serve as future leaders in the Air Force.

As cadets embark on their four-year journey at the Air Force Academy, they are immersed in a unique educational experience that combines academic excellence, military training, and personal growth. The institution offers a wide range of academic programs, with majors spanning various disciplines including engineering, social sciences, humanities, and natural sciences. The academy’s curriculum is specifically designed to instill critical-thinking skills, foster intellectual curiosity, and prepare cadets to tackle the complex challenges they will encounter in their military careers.

In addition to its academic offerings, the United States Air Force Academy places a strong emphasis on character development. Cadets participate in a comprehensive character and leadership development program, which encompasses seminars, workshops, and hands-on experiences aimed at honing their ethical decision-making abilities, instilling a sense of duty, and promoting a strong moral compass. This comprehensive approach ensures that graduates not only possess the knowledge and skills required for their roles but also the character traits and integrity essential for effective leadership.

Furthermore, the Air Force Academy prides itself on its commitment to physical fitness. Cadets engage in a rigorous physical training program, designed to enhance their endurance, strength, and overall well-being. This focus on physical fitness not only prepares cadets for the physical demands of their military service but also promotes a healthy and balanced lifestyle.

Beyond the academic and military dimensions, life at the United States Air Force Academy is enriched by a vibrant and supportive community. Cadets form strong bonds with their peers as they navigate the challenges of academy life together. The academy’s extensive extracurricular activities and sports programs further foster camaraderie and teamwork among cadets.

In conclusion, the United States Air Force Academy stands as a beacon of excellence, molding future leaders of the U.S. Air Force. With its stunning location, comprehensive academic programs, emphasis on character development, and commitment to physical fitness, the academy provides a comprehensive and transformative educational experience. By nurturing the minds, bodies, and characters of its cadets, the United States Air Force Academy ensures that its graduates are well-equipped to face the nation’s challenges and serve as outstanding leaders in the defense of their country.

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Disability Accommodations

Services Provided

      • Notetaking Assistance
      • Exam Accomodations
      • Alternate Learning Material Formats (e-text, large print, etc.)
      • Scribe Services
      • Qualified Readers
      • Assistive technologies (screen readers, voice input, etc.)
      • Qualified Sign Language Interpreters
      • Text-Based Accommodations (CART or C-Print)

      Services Provided

          • Degree Curriculum Substitutions
          • Priority Enrollment
          • Reduced courseload
          • Medical leave
          • Residence Hall Accommodations

          Campus Accessibility

          Accessible Level

              • Student Health Services
              • Mental Health Support Services
              • The library(ies)
              • Institution Online Platforms
              • Recreational and Athletic Facilities
              • Student Community Center and Other Common Gathering Areas
              • Primary Educational Facilities Used for Classes
              • Entertainment and Event Facilities
              • On-Campus Transit
              • Close Off-Campus Transit
              • Student Housing
              • Essential Administrative Offices (financial aid, registration, students services, career counseling, etc.)

              Services Provided

                  • Dietary Meal Plan Accommodations
                  • Service and Emotional Support Animals
                  • Study Abroad Program Accommodations
                  • Internship, Externship, Field Placement, or other For-Credit, Off-Campus Work Experience Accommodations